Introduction to Financial Modelling and Analysis with Excel The aim of the course is to provide a general introduction to spreadsheet modelling and related analysis.

The central part of the course focuses on the creation of a model from scratch. This will entail the use of relevant Excel tools (Lookups, macros, range names etc.) and the use of this model for various outputs, production of summary reports, KPIs etc. It will also involve comparison with history requiring the extensive use of advanced functions in Pivot tables and other relevant techniques.

Credit control and debt collection Reduced cash flow due to non-collection of overdue accounts is a common problem for many businesses. This course shows how to deal with slow paying debtors while maintaining good customer relations. The course deals with inter-departmental cooperation, communication/control systems and overall policies in simple clear terms. It covers personal effectiveness skills for Credit Controllers and techniques to use the telephone and other communication tools for business advantage.
Building Effective Financial Models An intensive hands on one day workshop which guarantees to provide the skills and software (Profit Scout) to build financial models and then use them to: - Effortlessly run off projections and budgets - Assess and improve business performance - Effectively communicate plans and strategies to others
Finance for non-Financial Managers Finance is the language of business and is a simple skill for non-financial managers to learn. Yet, there is more time wasting, misunderstandings and miscommunications around this critical area than any other business discipline. This flexible, active-learning programme is the quickest and most enjoyable way for non-financial managers to speak the language and use the concepts. Financial literacy is a core skill which radically improves effectiveness in all aspects of management: collaborating with others, making smart decisions, communicating with accountants and seeing the “big picture” at meetings.
Credit Management Representative Training This 2 day training workshop is designed to develop the skills and techniques of the credit management representatives’ to increase the speed of payment from customers and minimise bad debt. In the present challenging business the ability to maintain the cash flow, interrogate the aged debtor file and maintain relationship with the customer is critical skill. The workshop model will highlight and recognise effective techniques being used and demonstrate how these can be built on to achieve the financial targets.
LEAN Business Finance for Technical teams A one day workshop where participants use computer simulations and expertly facilitated activities to build practical financial skills through discovery learning and problem solving. Free access to our websites for continued practice and exploration after the workshop is provided. What every IT specialist and Engineer needs to know about finance in business AND only what they need to know!

Adding the financial perspective to the core skills of technical staff (logic, analysis and problem- solving ) transforms the quality of business analysis, decision making and collaboration in business .